Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Step up Premier

Ciara looks cute
Ciara, open just a little widder okay.
Everybody and their mamma's were at the premier, someone please explain Petey Pablo's attendance. Please!

Monica In New York.... Again

Cute but whats with the skinny jeans?
Love her hair!!

Once again monica is making her rounds @ BET's 106 & Park to promote her new album.

Pulse Premier

Christina & Khristen Bell
Handprinting ceremony; she looks gorgeous

Christina Milian appeared at Planet Hollywood in New York to promote her new film "Pulse".

2006 Bronner Brothers Hair Show

Brandy Has been looking uber cute lately, and I love her wig. Her stylist needs an award cuz she killed it! Brandy also performed, What song? who knows

Monday, August 07, 2006

1st Annual Ozone Award Show

Host of the evening; Trina & David Banner
Young Joc, Trina, David Banner

For those that don't Ozone magazine is a hip hop magazine for the south. The show was held at the Bob Carr auditorium, hosted by Trina and David Banner. Trina, Jacki-O, and Khia in the same room;Wow! I wish I could have been the fly on the wall to see the dirty looks. Jacki O, sat just slaps away from Khia, attended by her bodyguard who wore his "Fuck Khia" tee.
But wait!!!!!!!
What in the the blue hell is this catastrophe?
Who let these hens out the gate?

Crime Mob members Diamond and PrincessI wonder if they stole their names from trina along with their clothes.... Seriously, next time you go somewhere hire a stylist.

Me & U Release tomorrow !

Cassie's album releases August 8, and she will be everywhere. Literally!!! First, she stops by TRL, then 106 and Park where she will be performing that damn song again. For the millionth time ( I swear I hear it in my sleep) We will indeed see if she will be the next Letoya Luckett, or will the leak (http://www.muchmusic.com) ruin it for her.

WTF!!!!! Flavor of Love 2

Has the world went nuts!!!! Well aparently these chicks have. Are there not enough normal men in the world, or are these women the crazy ones. Well the icing on the cake was when "Somethin", also known as the internet porn star took a dump on the marble floor. O wait it doesn't stop there she left a trail up the stair. I mean come on I'm sure it's a bathroom on the first floor.